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me and all hotels is a brand of Lindner Hotels & Resorts. 

Experience. Enjoy. Connect.

Our me and all hotel is an urban melting pot on the scene. Taking in the area we occupy, it is a declaration of love for our city and people. Here you find everything under one roof. A mecca for those with an appreciation for good design, good food, great living room events and people who love what they do.

We’ve created a space for relaxation and networking, for travellers and non-travellers. We’ve integrated areas where you can work and brainstorm together using cutting-edge technology. Experience, enjoy, connect. Make yourself at home. This is the zen you’ve been looking for.

Check-in. Open up. Be happy. Check-out happy.

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Lobby, co-working space, meeting point, chill-out zone, melting pot. The Tokyo-Dusseldorf feeling.

MEET me and all in the Lobby

Coworking Lobby | me and all hotel düsseldorf

Answer with high-speed emails, beam the schedule for the city tour to all the participants via Smart kapp on your smartphone or call up the video of last night in Düsseldorf’s old town on your monitor. Brainstorm at the top table, confer with your favourite colleagues or hold an armchair discussion. And when nothing’s on, there’s always table tennis. Always! Our lobby isn’t just the last word in comfort, it’s also highly functional. And the co-working area offers you everything you need. Without registration. Just like that! Great isn’t it?

Meet me in the lobby

From Dusseldorf with love

Living-room concerts and after-work get-togethers in living room atmosphere. Tastings from the bar & kitchen with friends. Art & culture from the Dusseldorf scene. Workshops, meet-ups, stand-ups! Everything with an extra helping of passion in our lounge, with a sensational view over the city. 


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Every time has its place

Everything except tinsel

A home from home with divan, power shower, 42-inch flat-screen TV, high speed WiFi & subwoofers.

This is as good as sleep gets

Dusseldorf offers you so many options for discovering yourself. For doing exactly what you want and for reinventing yourself too. This is exactly what you can do in the me and all rooms. Complete luxury. Nothing extravagant. Just tumble into the many beautiful pillows and you’ve arrived. Totally networked with your own high speed WiFi in your room or unplugged as part of an online detox diet. 

Musterzimmer | me and all hotel düsseldorf

A place for workout warriors

Warm up, work out, cool down and then back to the world! Workouts are always good and for most of us they’re indispensable. The flow, the tunnel vision, the perfect concentration. Better than any drug and undoubtedly more effective. In our small but beautifully equipped fitness area, both men and women will find everything they need for inner peace and fitness.

Conquering Hanover, Mainz and Kiel. Are you coming?

Get ready for our 2nd me and all hotel düsseldorf, too.

Aussenansicht Tag | me and all hotel mainz

Mainz - Binger Strasse 23 - 2018

How do you prepare for the perfect workout? Wait for the upcoming me and all hotel mainz. Then claim your spot at the two stories Gym & Spa at the top floors with rooftop sauna. Workout (or not) and enjoy the view. YEAH! With 162 cosy rooms the me and all hotel mainz will be part of the new “Trigon” building in Mainz. Working, living and “travelling” under one roof. A great urban concept we are very much looking forward to rounding up! Situated at the city centre, the central station (3 min) and the old town (10 min) are within walking distance. It’ll be just about perfect.



Düsseldorf - Oberkassel/Hansaallee 1a - 2019

Only a few months after opening our first me and all hotel in Düsseldorf’s Little Tokyo, we are very happy to announce the opening of a second me and all hotel düsseldorf on the other side of the river Rhein. YEAH we do it again. The 2nd me and all will be located in the vibrant Oberkassel neighborhood, on Hansaallee at the Belsenplatz. Pole position! Public transport, shops, bars, restaurants, coffee bars, you name it, it is all there. Right at your feet. The "Oberkasseler" will have individually designed 190 roomy rooms and 60 awesome studios & apartments, for staying just a little bit longer … (great song). Additionally, you will find lots of working and meeting spaces AND your me and all lounge! From Düsseldorf with Love ♥ We can hardly wait.

Hanover - Aegidientorplatz - 2019

We love Vintage! And we love exposed brick walls. Especially the ones in our upcoming me and all hotel hanover, on the verge of the city centre and pedestrian shopping zone. Here you will find great wood designs under your feet, fine pieces of leather to sink in and 162 rooms with charming vintage design. And, of course, a fabulous me and all lounge for your events. At the me and all hotel hanover we’ll even have our “own” subway station, connecting you to the main railway station (1 km) and the airport (about 20 minutes by car). Isn’t that cool? Or is that cool? The lovely Maschsee lake is also around the corner and offers about everything you would expect from a great city lake. Hanover, we are coming.

Kiel - Kaistrasse 66 - 2019

Look forward to enjoying the most wonderful wanderlust at the me and all hotel kiel! Here, you will soon sink into the fabulous pillows of 165 cosy rooms in an eye-catching new building, situated directly at the Kieler Innenförde. Where you will be definitely dreaming of the sea! Not only because of the maritime ambiance and the cool shipyard designs. It will also be because of the huge ferries to Sweden and Finland and many other big cruisers, arriving and starting next door. Yes, within your view! It’s going to be the Fjord and you. And us. Central station, city center and the harbour are within walking distance - 3-5 minutes. See you soon in Kiel!

Stuttgart - Central Station - 2021

Stuttgart keep calm, we are coming. Straight to your heart into 3 vitreous! cube-like storeys, sensationally integrated into the historical part of the Stuttgart Central Station “Bonatzbau”. Above the new shopping centre. YEAH JIPPIE YEAH! An awesome architectural piece of art, that will reserve all historical façades as well as the old service station area. We can hardly wait to conquer our virtual vitreous me and all hotel stuttgart. And we could definitely be not anymore central anywhere else. Arriving at Stuttgart central station will be arriving at your me and all hotel. Which will welcome you with a vast lounge and lovely rooms. On top you’ll have 10 boardrooms for meetings up to 12 participants at your fingertips. Honestly, we are already thrilled ourselves.

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