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Experience. Enjoy. Connect.

Our me and all hotel is an urban melting pot on the scene. Taking in the area we occupy, it is a declaration of love for our city and people. Here you find everything under one roof. A mecca for those with an appreciation for good design, good food, great living room events and people who love what they do.

We’ve created a space for relaxation and networking, for travellers and non-travellers. We’ve integrated areas where you can work and brainstorm together using cutting-edge technology. Experience, enjoy, connect. Make yourself at home. This is the zen you’ve been looking for.


Let‘s be digital even in the most delicious moments ♥

Virtual Hugs and Kisses to all of you ♥

You have voted us into the top 10% of the most popular hotels worldwide!

Since 2002, the travel platform TripAdvisor has been honouring the Traveller's Choice Award in a wide range of categories. The great thing about these awards is that they are not determined by a jury, but on the basis of authentic evaluations. In other words, from you ♥.

We are so happy that you have enjoyed the last few not-so-easy months with us. And we are really looking forward to celebrating the award with you soon!

True Love ❤ We love our city and our local heroes ❤


Ramen-Love and other Japanese specialties to die for.

Our lounge in Immermannstraße offers undoubtedly just great ramen setting for TAKUMI's Japanese soul food. Indulge in TAKUMI's fantastic Japanese cuisine above the rooftops of Little Tokyo. Inseparably good! 

You will love, love, love our TAKUMI KITCHEN! 



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Meeting-Point, Chill-Out-Zone, Event-Space, Coworking-Area, Melting Pot, the Dusseldorf feeling! Welcome to our lobby.
Meeting-Point, Chill-Out-Zone, Event-Space, Coworking-Area, Melting Pot, the Dusseldorf feeling! Welcome to our lobby.

+++ HOT +++ HOT +++ HOT +++

Our Rösterei VIER Cafe in the Lobby - YEAH YEAH YEAH. 

From Farm to Lobby to Cup to You ❤️

We proudly present - tatatataaaaaa - our R4 Café in the Lobby with mega Brewbar of the finest coffees and teas, Nitro Cold Brew on tap, the entire R4 bean range for your home - and the most comfortable seating in the world. Universe?

MON- FRI +++ 08:00 - 18:00 hrs
SAT +++ 09:00 - 18:00 hrs
SUN +++ 10:00 - 17:30 hrs


DAQUARO - your Barberspot at me and all. 

Monday - Saturday 10:00 - 20:00 hrs

Never again a Bad-Hair or Bad-Beard-Day in Düsseldorf. Everything will be fine. 

 appointments (bottom right)     our local hero ♥

me and all box Your cool spot for your cool ideas

+++ me and all box +++

Take your events, private or not, to the next level in our me and all box. On 180 m² event area with kitchen and back office you enjoy absolute privacy, have your own entrance and can use the technical and service offer of the hotel. Boom!

me and all box

+++ Coworking at me and all +++

Lots of space, fast and free WiFi, the best coffee and homemade treats from the R4 café and plenty of inspiration all around. Coworking at me and all is fun. Spontaneous, with full intention and whenever you want. In our great open space in the lobby you are always welcome and yourself. 

Meet me in the lobby

Check-in. Open up. Be happy. Check-out happy.

And settling your hotel bill is just as easy thanks to the hotelbird app.

With thehotelbird app you can check-in and -out from where ever you like, and settle your hotel bill just as easy in a blink of an eye. You even get your room key digitally, so you can head straight to your room on arrival. 

Get the app.

Every time has its place

Everything except tinsel

This is as good as sleep gets

Dusseldorf offers you so many options for discovering yourself. For doing exactly what you want and for reinventing yourself too. This is exactly what you can do in the me and all rooms. Complete luxury. Nothing extravagant. Just tumble into the many beautiful pillows and you’ve arrived. Totally networked with your own high speed WiFi in your room or unplugged as part of an online detox diet. 

Imagine you want to play and we have Nintendo Switch for you. Rent for free and have fun.

Guys! If you don't have any friends in the mushroom kingdom, you can find them here. And those who know all about it can look forward to going to their kingdom with our NINTENDO SWITCH. Whenever and however you want. Hands-on in handheld mode or on Smart TV. We have Super Mario Party / Kart / Deluxe and Singstar.

Everything is ready for you at the reception. Free of charge. First come. 

A place for workout warriors

Warm up, work out, cool down and then back to the world! Workouts are always good and for most of us they’re indispensable. The flow, the tunnel vision, the perfect concentration. Better than any drug and undoubtedly more effective. In our small but beautifully equipped fitness area, both men and women will find everything they need for inner peace and fitness.

Tough enough for our Vertical Parcours?

Say goodbye to your gym. We have Germany's one and only Vertical Parcours on 11 flights. Literally. A workout you will love, because it will always suit you. With a total of 10 exercises, that you can pull off just as you feel like. Even only inspecting each workout, is a small workout.

Elevators are out of style.

WARM UP, WORK OUT, COOL DOWN, HAVE FUN. And a refreshing drink at the top floor, namely THE 11th.

Go vertical

Less is more.

We are a Greensign Level 4 Hotel ♥

SUSTAINABILITY, ENERGY EFFICIENCY & ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION are top priorities at me and all hotels. As proud GreenSign Level 4 hotels, the respectful attitude towards our planet is part of our corporate culture. We use 100% natural energy, put local and regional products on your plates, have quite great, but water-saving rain showers and make sure your CO2 footprint here is as small as possible with our sustainability management. 

Learn more about the sustainability, energy efficiency and environmental protection measures at me and all hotels.


Come on in. It's magic.

You can look at any angle. Our me and all hotel düsseldorf in 3D and VR. The Düsseldorf feeling sooo real, as if you were there.

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Shop what you love. Get what you need.Lost your charger cable? Love toys forgotten? Too cold for walking around the city without tights? All you want is to hear nothing more today and just throw yourself into the fluffy pillows with the sounds of your headset, which you left at home? We have got just what you need. And many other things that you may need urgently right now, or fell in love with at our hotel too. You can pick it up directly in the lobby. Everything else, which is not in stock, we send to you gladly, where ever you want to have it.


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