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Hello, everybody. Glad I'm here. The best thing about me is me.

ALIDAXO. At the right time, in the right place.

Yeah, that was a memorable evening last night. And ALIDAXO were pretty much the best thing that could have happened to us yesterday after the final whistle on the football field. The positive sound and the good mood of the band could not be ignored. And the boys had strong female power with them: JOYCE. A great background singer, who was right up front at our lounge ♥

At the right time, in the right place.

ALIDAXO had not one but two missions last night: to spread a good mood and to spread a good mood. And they did it in a very short time. There was so much spirit and movement on stage that we immediately and gladly all got involved.

You guys up for some new Songs from us?

JAAAAAAAAAA please. And the new songs are great! They move between Hip Hop, Pop and Electro and go practically directly into your feet. You also immediately feel the need to sing along. Whether you know the text or not. The music of ALIDAXO has a catchy quality and is certainly also great for our Vertical Parcous.

ALIDAXO is fun and cheerful. They hear themselves between Kraftclub, Deichkind and Die Atzen. We also heard a small mini Tick Fanta 4.

Dear Joyce. Guys!

Thank you for that noisy good evening last night. We needed that. We look forward to have you here again.

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