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So this is magic. The Lion And The Wolf can turn off time.

And he did. We were absolutely over the moon ♥

The Lion And The Wolf, aka Thomas George, is a class of its own. With his great voice, he sings the word "melancholy" into a new dimension. Sad and touching however with strong layers of positivity and joy. After just a few seconds, you listen very very carefully. You simply want to know what happens next. We could have listened forever. He is a wonderful storyteller.

From the sound check to the very last sound of his living room concert in our lounge, we were in a musical microcosm. In a separate universe full of emotions and sound. And no one wanted to leave the universe. Or completely unpoetically said: The Lion And The Wolf was YEAH YEAH YEAH and we could not get enough of him! That is why we were very happy about his encore - which he would never have been able to get around anyway. No way. It is the desire to hear more that always marks a great singer-songwriter.


Thomas does not just get on stage. He comes as a friend. Like the great buddy you have known forever. 

He talked about his close relationship to his father and the backgrounds of his songs. And of the fact that he made his passion a living only a few years ago. Thanks for that Thomas! 

Thomas has grown up on the Isle of Wight. An approximately 20 km wide and 35 km long lovely piece of Great Britain. With beautiful beaches, crazy landscapes and a bit of festival feeling at all times. His very personal album "Symptoms" came to life there. We actually already checked how to get to the Isle of Wight and where to stay! 

By the end of the concert we made leaving not easy on him ♥ We actually believe, that almost everybody wanted to shake his hand or hug him. AND WE DID! 

We are fans. 

With one foot still in that special universe, we hope to get there entirely again soon. The evening with The Lion And The Wolf was a fabulous experience. Straight from the heart to every heart in our lounge! 

Come back soon Thomas!

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