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WUNDERWELT at the me and all düsseldorf. We are elektropopized ♥ All of us ♥

Electro-pop at its best with a good portion of good old punk. Best concert season opening ever.

WUNDERWELT were WOW. We couldn't have wished for a greater-living room concert opening. It was the best ever. Electro-pop at its best with a good portion of good old punk. Icing on the cake: Melissa's fantastic voice. Clear, dazzling, warm and with the uncopyable something. We were already very excited during soundcheck. SO MUCH pure energy on our small lounge stage.

Of course, we always know beforehand what will be going on in our lounge. But the event or living room concert live and in color is definitely a different matter. And WONDERWELT were fantastic. Expectations were high, WUNDERWELT were higher!

WUNDERWELT are a manifestation of freedom and tolerance. And of happiness. Full of liveliness and with an enormous stage presence. With the perfect, elegant dose of provocation, that gently reminds you of the 80s. And with such beautifully loud electronic beats, awesome guitars, powerful synthesizers and catchy melodies. The sound blew us away. And our synapses are back on track as well.

Synapses can do a lot and there are chemical and electrical synapses. The electrics can synchronize whole groups of nerve cells. That's what happens with us. WUNDERWELT went straight from the ears and eyes to the feet. Happened in nanoseconds. No one could stand still.

We were practically electropopized and we still are.

WHAT AN EVENING ♥ We are very much looking forward to hearing much more from WUNDERWELT.

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