DJ Bane Bouffier - Thank God it's Thursday ❤

me and all x food, drinks & sound

+++ BAne Bouffier +++


Bane plays an unambiguously groovy House sound. From high-energy electronic to melodically playful. You can't put a label on Bane. What he wants is that his patrons feel the joy of music and have an evening they'll never forget.

Close your eyes, listen to the music and imagine you're dancing barefoot on the beach into the sunset. It is a welcome respite from your everyday routine. Escape into the night with remixed classics and Ibiza House dance music.

Bane tours Germany and Europe for various agencies. For instance, he manned the decks at film star Matthias Schweighöfer's aftershow party at the Berlinale 2020.

+++ MELODIC & FUNKY IBIZA HOUSE +++ NU DANCE +++ Starting at 7pm +++