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Start happy and with lots of fun into the year 2019. Join us in the me and all hotel düsseldorf. Let’s spend some Düsseldorf nights together!

Countdown is ticking. 18% for 7 days. Travelperiod is from 01.01. until 28.02.2019.

Our BLACK WEEK SPECIAL includes everything you need:

• Super delicious breakfast in our lounge with a great view over the city, from every single spot.

• Awesome tokyobikes  you can cycle the city for free with.

• Go for our Vertical Parcours or work out in our small-great fitness zone.

• And of course you are welcome to every event that takes place while you are with us.

Do something wonderful Fall in love with our fabulous city and make yourself at home at our me and all hotel düsseldorf ❤

Experience. Enjoy. Connect.

Our me and all hotel is an urban melting pot on the scene. Taking in the area we occupy, it is a declaration of love for our city and people. Here you find everything under one roof. A mecca for those with an appreciation for good design, good food, great living room events and people who love what they do.

We’ve created a space for relaxation and networking, for travellers and non-travellers. We’ve integrated areas where you can work and brainstorm together using cutting-edge technology. Experience, enjoy, connect. Make yourself at home. This is the zen you’ve been looking for.




After work sounds and after work drinks with KUNSTKERLE.

+++ 18:00 - 24:00 hrs +++

+++ Pop-Up-Event +++

+++ BODA SKINS Weekenders Pop-Up Tour +++



DJ LAKI is coming. You? ♥

+++ See you tonight +++ 21:00 - 01:00 hrs +++


PHIL PHADER is in the house. See you tonight.

After work party +++ 18:00 - 24:00 hrs +++


Local Hero Mr. Nice Guy for time after work.

18:00 hrs +++ 11th floor

From Dusseldorf with love

Living-room concerts and after-work get-togethers in living room atmosphere. Tastings from the bar & kitchen with friends. Art & culture from the Dusseldorf scene. Workshops, meet-ups, stand-ups! Everything with an extra helping of passion in our lounge, with a sensational view over the city. 


MEET me and all in the Lobby

Coworking Lobby | me and all hotel düsseldorf

Answer with high-speed emails, beam the schedule for the city tour to all the participants via Smart kapp on your smartphone or call up the video of last night in Düsseldorf’s old town on your monitor. Brainstorm at the top table, confer with your favourite colleagues or hold an armchair discussion. And when nothing’s on, there’s always table tennis. Always! Our lobby isn’t just the last word in comfort, it’s also highly functional. And the co-working area offers you everything you need. Without registration. Just like that! Great isn’t it?

Meet me in the lobby

Lobby, co-working space, meeting point, chill-out zone, melting pot. The Tokyo-Dusseldorf feeling.

Check-in. Open up. Be happy. Check-out happy.

And settling your hotel bill is just as easy thanks to the hotelbird app.

With thehotelbird app you can check-in and -out from where ever you like, and settle your hotel bill just as easy in a blink of an eye. You even get your room key digitally, so you can head straight to your room on arrival. But you do not have to. We love to welcome our guests and we would definitely miss saying good-bye to you. With the hotelbird app we have simply more time to chat with you ♥

Get the app.

Every time has its place

Everything except tinsel

This is as good as sleep gets

Dusseldorf offers you so many options for discovering yourself. For doing exactly what you want and for reinventing yourself too. This is exactly what you can do in the me and all rooms. Complete luxury. Nothing extravagant. Just tumble into the many beautiful pillows and you’ve arrived. Totally networked with your own high speed WiFi in your room or unplugged as part of an online detox diet. 

Musterzimmer | me and all hotel düsseldorf

A place for workout warriors

Warm up, work out, cool down and then back to the world! Workouts are always good and for most of us they’re indispensable. The flow, the tunnel vision, the perfect concentration. Better than any drug and undoubtedly more effective. In our small but beautifully equipped fitness area, both men and women will find everything they need for inner peace and fitness.

Tough enough for our Vertical Parcours?

Say goodbye to your gym. We have Germany's one and only Vertical Parcours on 11 flights. Literally. A workout you will love, because it will always suit you. With a total of 10 exercises, that you can pull off just as you feel like. Even only inspecting each workout, is a small workout.

Elevators are out of style.

WARM UP, WORK OUT, COOL DOWN, HAVE FUN. And a refreshing drink at the top floor, namely THE 11th.

Go vertical


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