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Make yourself at home in our lounge

If we had to describe our perfect lounge, we wouldn’t have to think for long. There’d be lots of lovely people, good sounds, comfortable armchairs and delicious, informal food. And the best bread ever. And the best curry. And enough room for our local heroes from the Dusseldorf

dining and entertainment scene, who keep inviting you back to small but exclusive events in a homely living-room atmosphere. Did we mention that our lounge also looks great, has a fantastic view of the city and an amazingly welcoming atmosphere?

Listen to this folks! From Dusseldorf with love.

Anthony Sarpong for me and all. Oh my God, this is delicious!

Anthony | me and all hotel düsseldorf

Anthony Sarpong hails from Ghana and has worked at Michelin-starred restaurants around the world, including a recent stint at Fischers Fritz in Berlin. Today Anthony has his own restaurant and cookery school near Dusseldorf where he imparts his recipe for success: pure passion!  We’re lucky to have him in charge of our Asian street food, and so are you. Pulled chicken burger with plum sauce, fantastically fresh dim sum or the best curry in the city. All homemade and ridiculously tasty.

Cooking = art + Anthony.

Exotic curries, juicy burgers and heavenly soups. Cheesecakes and brownies to die for. Welcome to the alluring art of Street Food Delights at the me and all hotel Dusseldorf.

Anthony Logo | me and all hotel düsseldorf
Anthony | me and all hotel düsseldorf

Anthony’s creations are the talk of the town and he and his team have developed a particularly special concept for our me and all hotel dusseldorf: small street food plates full of freshness, creativity and the finest ingredients. Make sure you try them all!
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The cult of bread and the legend of Josef.

We’re mad about good food in general and good bread in particular. On Hohe Straße in the heart of Dusseldorf, Josef Hinkel runs the bakery that has been in his family for four generations, dedicating himself to the craft of bread-making. We think it’s the best bread in the city, so we approached Josef and now he looks after all things bread-related at me and all. Which is fantastic news for everyone who knows a good breakfast when they see one. And it’s just as good in the evening.

Hinkel | me and all hotel düsseldorf

Think Coffee!

Fair trade and Organic. Feel good about your morning cup!

Our Coffee Experts "Rösterei VIER Dusseldorf" source the great coffees, grown by farmers they know personally. They care about environment, community and trade with prices above the usual Fairtrade level. Acquiring these socially and environmentally sustainable coffees ensures high quality in your cup and fair prices for hard, dedicated work. Enjoy!

Vier Kaffee | me and all hotel düsseldorf

From farm to cup. You'll love to get up in the morning.

The team of “Rösterei VIER Dusseldorf” has seen many coffee farms around the world until they found what they have been looking for. From there every single step from Farm To Cup, harvesting, roasting, blending and brewing has been brought to perfection. They know the cracking of the perfect roast to

highlight the nuanced flavors unique to the farm, their blending expertise is equivalent of experienced sommeliers, and they definitely know how to brew. The VIER coffee is simply awesome! And it reflects our sense of hospitality and quality of products and service. Great coffee for great people.

Peter König | me and all hotel düsseldorf

Cheers to you Peter!

"If you don’t know Füchschen Alt, you don’t know anything about Düsseldorf”. So they say. And have been for a long time. That’s because the 167 year old family owned brewery has perfected one beer, Füchschen Alt! It has almost always been here. So Peter König’s brewery and Peter himself are deeply rooted in the heart of Düsseldorf and its people. I am legend, I am a Füchschen Alt! Cheers Peter!

Most charming cupcake dreams

Sweets for my sweet, Sugarbird Cupcakes for my honey ♥

We are in love. Again. It’s our weekend sweets from SUGARBIRD CUPCAKES, our most sweet local heroes, we die for. Delicious little pieces of art, full of love and fabulous ingredients: Fruits substitute sugar, cream cheese rather than butter. They also come from Düsseldorf's very first Cupcake Cafè SUGARBIRD CUPCAKES. Each cupcake is handcrafted with love in mind. And they taste the way they look: AWESOME. Of course, they fit incredibly well into our lounge. As well as into your weekend pleasures. Get sweet at the weekend.

Sweet ♥

Very Düsseldorf.

Allez Fortuna, Fortuna Dusseldorf. Allez.


"Oh Fortuna, so beautiful, we travel everywhere just to see you, and when you play and when you win, the tribunes rages, for we are all deep in love."

When it comes to Fortuna we are great singer-songwriters. No matter what the voice. It’s love. It is that simple. For our football team Fortuna we would sing always and everywhere. We love our Local Heroes and are tightly knit with our F95. As sponsors and loyal fans. We are Düsseldorf. We are Fortuna. Forever ♥ And Fortuna simply belongs to our living room on the 11th floor once in a while. As friends and sometimes even as event organizer.

All we need is love and Fortuna.


Düsseldorfer EG. ICE AT HEART.


We love our home town Düsseldorf and our great Ice Hockey Team DEG. And - of course - we can shout out loud various DEG fan songs.

"Where is the first goal, the first goal, the first goal, where is the first goal, the first goal?" 

Ever heard us? We are fans fans fans by heart and sponsoring partner of our icy local heroes DEG from the ISS DOME. More than 80 years of ice cold experience and the greatest ice hockey club in the world. The DEG is cult. And we always love to welcome our DEG guys in our lounge.

We love home games.



Love out loud ♥

Your personal invite.

Gitarre | me and all hotel düsseldorf

Welcome to Dusseldorf’s living room

Our living-room events are held in cosy, small rooms and are always uniquely intimate. Each event is hosted by a different Dusseldorf character, who love to share their skills, artistry, music, humour and personal philosophy with you. With heart and soul, up close and personal. Sometimes, you might be asked to join in. 


Top of the hub.

Our lounge is home to great living room events, best drinks and coffee ever, friendly people from all over the world and the neigbourhood AND inner peace, too! Plus delicious street food, thanks to Anthony’s culinary wizardry. What more could you need? And when the stage is empty and the party’s over, you can just curl up in one of our wonderful armchairs and admire the panoramic view over the city. Day and night, it’s a bit like in the movies. Only more real.

Lounge nachts | me and all hotel düsseldorf

This is what it looks like.

  • Lounge nachts | me and all hotel düsseldorf
    Lounge nachts | me and all hotel düsseldorf
  • Lounge nachts | me and all hotel düsseldorf
    Lounge nachts | me and all hotel düsseldorf
  • Lounge nachts | me and all hotel düsseldorf
    Lounge nachts | me and all hotel düsseldorf

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