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Sensational perspectives from dusk till dawn ♥

Sooo Düsseldorf ♥ Get comfortable

We just love love love our city!

Seriously awesome ♥

If we had to describe our perfect lounge, we wouldn’t have to think for long. There’d be lots of lovely people, good sounds, comfortable armchairs and delicious, informal food. And the best bread ever. And the best curry. And enough room for our local heroes from the Dusseldorf dining and entertainment scene, who keep inviting you back to small but exclusive events in a homely living-room atmosphere.

Did we mention that our lounge also looks great and has a fantastic view of the city that looks even better? 


Food in the lounge. What a panorama baby ♥

Lots of Düsseldorf for breakfast ♥

Breakfast is pure love. No other meal is celebrated as happily and personally as breakfast. Everybody loves it. Breakfast brings together what belongs together: you and your favourite hot drink, you and our buffet created with love and you and our sensational scenery ♥

Mon-Fri 6:30-10:00 hrs / Sat-Sun 7:00-11:00 hrs

Price per person € 18,- 


True Love Everybody loves good food, nice drinks and pillows ♥

Stirred, shaken and mixed with passion. And fun.

We have always the perfect liquid for your perfect moment at any time of the day or night. It starts with the tastiest coffee in the early morning and ends with the best cocktails & drinks in the evening. And for everything outside mornings and evenings, you can buy up with our 24-hour Marketplace in the lobby.




me and all x food, drinks & sound 

Welcome back TMSN ♥

We are looking forward to you and your great sounds ♥ Up into the starry sky.


me and all x food, drinks & sound 


+++ 19:00 - 23.00 hrs +++

Your personal invite.

Why not rent a lounge?

Special moments are there to be experienced in a memorable way. And for that you need a place where you enjoy beeing. Where you can celebrate. Where people can meet and have good conversations. A place with character and bombastic views. Not too big, but not too small. To stand, sit and dance. With handmade delicacies, great drinks & cocktails and fabulous sound system.

Our lounge is just such a place. And it's made to feel good about everything you do. With us everything is hand-picked. And always as exclusive as you want it to be.

Eventlocation with a view ♥

You can celebrate fabulously at our 11th floor. No matter what. Wedding, B2B event, private party, kick-off event, company jubilee, birthday ... You name it. Your party

  • We can accommodate up to 120 party guests.
  • We decorate everything it you want. Just as you like.
  • We work together with top DJ's and artists of all colours. 
  • We also have the best star chef in the world for food & snacks.
  • Our bar team makes the best drinks & cocktails in the world.

Got something to celebrate? Let's go.

We are happy to plan your exclusive event with you. According to your ideas. Even the morning after will be great. You can have breakfast with the same sensational view you celebrated with.

So if you have something bigger in mind, write to us. We will get back to you in no time.


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