We like to move you

How fast can you do 10 flights?


We are into sports now. And you are invited to join us.

Who needs a fitness studio (although – of course - we have one) if you can conquer Germany's first and one and only awesome Vertical Parcours? Our fabulous staircase workout on our 11 floors is so effective. And sooo much fun. Ten exercises that you can do just the way you want. Cheating works, too.

For advanced users, even stopwatches AND weight vests are available at the reception. Sign the declaration of use and start your workout.

Our staircase, your challenge. Our 11th floor will add even more WoW to your workout. 

Go Vertical.

10 flights to endorphine highs.

10 real good workouts – perhaps even the best exercise classics ever - are waiting for you on each flight in our staircase. Warm up with smooth JUMPING JACKS, torment yourself with burning SIDE PLANKS, relax and push with WALL SITS, loosen up with BURPEES and simply have fun working out and yourself up all the way to the 10th floor. On each floor you will find instructions.

Challenge yourself. You will probably just love it. 

Hang loose baby

Sometimes it can be so damn good to let yourself hang loose and at the 8th floor, you can fabulously do so and make your back as happy as pie. Your shoulder will be grateful too and your hands will love the exercise. You can also challenge yourself to the ultimate pull-up. Or 10. Two maybe?

You can use our Vertical Parcours as your personal pilgrims trail too. And it even always ends wonderfully: on the 11th floor in our lounge!

Jumpstart your system. Fitness Zone.

Work it out.

Take the different cardio devices with all their digital trickery, mix with various power devices for arms, legs and chest and garnish the whole with useful warm-up and cool-down tools. The end result? A small but fine fitness centre for workout warriors with all the added extras. Everything to ensure you go with the flow. Tunnel vision. Perfect concentration. 

Hands up.

Punching bag training is just the thing. For both body and head. And there are endless possibilities to train on the punching bag. You can work on it with hooks and jabs, try and practice low kicks and sidekicks, and you can also dance around it. And and and. The fact is, punching bag training is highly effective and challenges every muscle. You can try it in our workout zone. You can even trust it with all your secrets. It'll never tell anyone.

Go wild. Calm down.