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Your city. Your style. Welcome to little Tokio.

me and all hotel düsseldorf

Immermannstraße 23 / at the corner of Oststraße
40210 Düsseldorf

Tel. +49 211 54259 0  

Sushi, manga and 40 football fields.

When have you seen Dusseldorf? Once you’ve walked along the Kö? When you’ve combed through the old town? Once you’ve emerged at Ratinger Straße and messed about on the Rhine? Well, you’ve seen a bit of it then. The me and all hotel dusseldorf is so centrally situated that it’s possible to explore all this on foot. Lying between the main station, Königsallee and the old town, there’s no better starting point.

And right in the centre of "Little Tokyo". Even though it is only the size of 40 football pitches, Little Tokyo is home to Europe’s third largest Japanese community. Here you’ll find top sushi restaurants cheek by jowl with Japanese supermarkets and bright cafés and Asian bakeries jostling with trendy bars. And karaoke, of course. And even THE manga café. By the way, you read manga from back to front. 


We know no limits.

A scoop of Dusseldorf for all, please!

We love our city and our Japanese district. That’s why we take both of them home with us. Our me and all hotel dusseldorf is a declaration of our love for Dusseldorf, with fine analogies, many Japanese details and heaps of local Dusseldorf colour. 

Come in, it's magic.

Explore every corner. Our me and all düsseldorf in 3D and VR.

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  • Fahrrad | me and all hotel düsseldorf
    Fahrrad | me and all hotel düsseldorf

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