Everything will be great in the me and all box.

The box is now available for you and your ideas ♥ We will be happy to assist you. Just give us a ring. Or an email.

Find your open mind space

Everything is good, in a good location. Workshops are good, meetings are good, seminars are good, brainstormings are good, exhibitions are good, Fotoshootings are good and public readings are great. And whatever else you can think of will be good, too. As experienced event organisers we are happy to assist you and also connect you to our Local Heroes network to support you and your event. Our box event partner is the fabulous and uncomplicated catering service Serioustaste. Of course you are welcome to bring your own caterer with you. Talk to us. 
Whatever you want to do in the BOX, we will make it happen with you.

► 189 m² of which approx. 50 m² is catering area & WC's
► Stage, conference area, gaming area, catering zone
► Sound, beamer, screen, conference equipment on request
► Full Conference Service with sweet + hearty coffee breaks from us for you, mobile Coffee Brew Bar from our Local Heroes RÖSTEREI VIER ❤
► Mobile sound desk, Astra bar counter with tap, fridge, candy bar, table tennis table if you feel like it

The box is ready for you and your events. On a total of 189 cool square meters you can take yourself and your ideas to the next event level. BOOM! Start planning now ♥

Contacts us at: 

Tel: +49 211 5997 699

E-Mail: events.west@lindnerhotels.com