Our Locals sustainable quality and so much heart that you’ll fall in love their stories, your stories

Support your local heroes

The true spirit of Düsseldorf.

Welcome to the neighborhood – You in? There is so much Düsseldorf in our me and all hotel that you will be. We love our city and we love our local heroes. Our hearts beat in tune with Düsseldorf - we are passionate urban players with everything we do.

Meet the local heroes from the neighbourhood and the surrounding area and taste our city's attitude. Düsseldorf lifestyle, sustainable quality and so much heart that you’ll fall in love again and again. Big ones like little ones.


Very Düsseldorf.

Allez Fortuna, Fortuna Dusseldorf. Allez.

"Oh Fortuna, so beautiful, we travel everywhere just to see you, and when you play and when you win, the tribunes rages, for we are all deep in love."

When it comes to Fortuna we are great singer-songwriters. No matter what the voice. It’s love. It is that simple. For our football team Fortuna we would sing always and everywhere. We love our Local Heroes and are tightly knit with our F95. As sponsors and loyal fans. We are Düsseldorf. We are Fortuna. Forever ♥ And Fortuna simply belongs to our living room on the 11th floor once in a while. As friends and sometimes even as event organizer.

All we need is love and Fortuna.


We love our home town Düsseldorf and our great Ice Hockey Team DEG. And - of course - we can shout out loud various DEG fan songs.

"Where is the first goal, the first goal, the first goal, where is the first goal, the first goal?" 

Ever heard us? We are fans fans fans by heart and sponsoring partner of our icy local heroes DEG from the ISS DOME. More than 80 years of ice cold experience and the greatest ice hockey club in the world. The DEG is cult. And we always love to welcome our DEG guys in our lounge.

We love home games.


Think Coffee!

Fair trade and Organic. Feel good about your morning cup!

Our Coffee Experts "Rösterei VIER Dusseldorf" source the great coffees, grown by farmers they know personally. They care about environment, community and trade with prices above the usual Fairtrade level. Acquiring these socially and environmentally sustainable coffees ensures high quality in your cup and fair prices for hard, dedicated work. Enjoy!


In our me and all hotel düsseldorf in the Immermannstraße he is legend! DAQUARO stands for precise cuts and will provide your personal barber experience. Your style. Your look. Your Barber. 

Barber Dominic Aquaro - Here the word "craft" is capitalized. Barber Dominic Aquaro learned the hairdressing profession from scratch, before he dedicated himself completely to barbering a few years ago. The world of technical haircutting was opened to him by his mentor Marco Overath, with whom he learned and later trained young hairdressers.

During his time as a hairdressing trainer for L'Oréal, he also trained numerous hairdressers and barbers in haircutting, coloration and beard shaving and grooming. To perfect these skills, he travelled to Cape Town in South Africa, among other places, where he learned the classic shave in one of the best barbershops in town. His credo: combine craftsmanship with perfection, years of experience with passion and identification with a love for the profession.

Please feel free to stop by. You can always hava a look. If you want a great cut, it's best to make an appointment.

me and all x daquaro

The Collaboration me and all x daquaro with our local hero DAQUARO and the brand me and all is now & exclusively available at the me and all hotel düsseldorf. ♥


Originally designed for personal use only, the first ideas for the label "Rebel Rockers" were born in 2003, which were realized in a barn with a made-up print design. With the rental of a workshop it really started with the Rebel Rockers - suddenly there were strangers in the workshop who wanted to buy the stuff.

The cult of bread and the legend of Josef.

Love your breakfast.

We’re mad about good food in general and good bread in particular. On Hohe Straße in the heart of Dusseldorf, Josef Hinkel runs the bakery that has been in his family for four generations, dedicating himself to the craft of bread-making. We think it’s the best bread in the city, so we approached Josef and now he looks after all things bread-related at me and all. Which is fantastic news for everyone who knows a good breakfast when they see one. And it’s just as good in the evening.

We love our tokyobikes. And you will love them, too.

Our tokyobikes, which you can borrow free of charge at the reception for your tour through Düsseldorf, are the perfect city bikes. Invented more than 15 years ago in Tokyo for Tokyo and luckily discovered in London, by our partner tokyobike, they finally found their way to Germany. The tokybikes are now available all over the world AND - of course in Düsseldorf's Little Tokyo and our me and all hotel.

They got the look and drive. Try it yourself.


Go vertical!

Workouts have never been as crazy as in our glorious stairway. Go for it.

Workout any way you want ♥

We admit it. "Ready, set, sport" sometimes is said MUCH faster than actually done. Not with us. Not with our electrifying local heroes and personal trainer from DANIEL PHILIPP. THE workout crew in Düsseldorf when it comes to sports, fun and sore muscles.

You can conquer our Vertical Parcours any time you like. All by yourself, with friends or with colleagues. Or you can book a personal training under the professional guidance of the DANIEL PHILIPP’s team. 

Contact us. 

When you see it, you can feel it.

We've got the most beautiful lobby wall in town. Thank you TIM ♥

Rotonda Business Club


The Rotonda Business Club is located and active throughout Germany and offers its members a diverse programme of events, some of which are public. And if these are to have particularly fantastic views, such as the "Immobilien Frühstück Düsseldorf" (Real Estate Breakfast) then they take place in our lounge with great views.