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Meet me in the lobby

Your (co-working) space with all the bells and whistles

Our lobby simply wouldn’t be a me and all hotel lobby, if it weren’t just as it is: absolutely fabulous. For example, this is where you find the perfect co-working and meeting space that you can use at any time and with everything that you could possibly need. On a whim or planned to the last detail.

Meet. Connect. Work. Play.

The following features are available to you in the working space at all times and completely free of charge:

  • Glass fibre high speed internet
  • Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO 910 Touch, with first-class 27-inch ultra HD display
  • 55 inch SMART kapp whiteboard
  • Power boxes with sockets and USB slots in the tables

SMART – The SMART kapp whiteboard

Nothing is more annoying than copying, or often deciphering, what’s written on flip charts, whiteboards, or, even worse, thousands of little notelets. Not with our SMART kapp whiteboard. Simply scan the QR code and everything that’s written on the whiteboard appears on your smartphone or tablet. In addition, sessions can be stored on a USB stick. It’s also possible to stream everything on the web for everyone to share. If you want. The app makes this possible and easy. Of course it also works the other way round: everyone can link up with their own device and experience it all in real time.

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