DJane NIC - She's got a sonorous soul!

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There's no more perfect way to introduce this stunning DJane! Now the jewel of German sound designers, she started out her career as a guest vocalist at major club events all over Germany. With her unforgettable and versatile singing voice, it didn't take long before famous DJs were queuing up for studio collaborations with her. And so it comes as no surprise that NIC got behind the turntables in 2007 and hasn't stopped rocking them since.

Cologne-native NIC spices up her unique sound with a personal touch, whisking dance-lovers off on a journey along the music-time continuum. She has a keen sense for moods and grooves that get dance floors raging. With her acoustic and electronic DJ compositions, she makes a statement that sets a high bar for the DJing community.

+++ 7 pm +++ In the Lounge +++ Come first +++ Sit first +++